Preservation or Restoration – Not one and the same!

If you’ve spent any time reading vintage car magazines, internet forums, or perhaps attended a large auction event specializing in vintage cars, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term, “Restored.” In fact, almost all vintage owners claim the car has had a “restoration” somewhere along it’s history. The truth is, what one may call a restoration, another may call “routine maintenance” or “preventative service.” Here at VSR, we don’t use the word Restoration lightly… A fresh coat of paint, does not equate to a restoration. There are many paths that one can take with a vintage car, whether it’s preservation of an already solid and well cared for example, to mechanical and cosmetic refreshing, all the way to a full restoration.

The Entire Restoration is Done in House

VSR has almost all processes in-house. From paint and body work, to mechanical refurbishing and repair, to complete engine rebuilds – it’s all done here on-site. We don’t send your engine off to another shop for a rebuild, and then put our stamp on it. We don’t disassemble your car and then drop it off at a body shop and have them refinish the car. Only by controlling the processes and procedures in house, can you be assured of the outcome.

Documentation and Transparency Throughout

We understand that not every client is local to us. We understand that your life is busy, and that perhaps your vintage car is your escape, or time of enjoyment. Our goal, with any project, is to make all accommodations possible to keep you as involved as you’d like during the process. It goes beyond phone conversations and email – it’s the documentation and transparency and access our clients have throughout the process that make working with VSR a different experience. We know your car is potentially an extension or expression of yourself, and we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your vision both before, and during the project so the outcome is what you expected from the start.

Do you have questions on what might be involved to rejuvenate or possibly, restore your vintage car? Have you noticed some trouble spots or leaking fluids and can’t seem to get a straight answer on how to fix it? Call us, or use the email contact below – we’re happy to discuss your specific questions and give you insight into what you might expect.