VSR has developed a complete standalone engine management system for the E30 M3.

Designed to work with the stock instrument cluster, it allows for a modern ECU, without the requirement of aftermarket gauges.


Utilizing the Emtron SL-4 ECU, we’ve developed this kit to provide a comprehensive engine management package. Closed Loop Wideband control is included as part of the kit, again utilizing Emtron’s veritable ELC-1 lambda sensor.
Our system eliminates the distributor ignition, converting the engine to run on modern Bosch coil on plug ignition coils.
The old Bosch low impedance injectors are replaced with modern high impedance injectors, allowing easier tuning and modifications.
We also have designed the system to provide knock control using a Bosch knock sensor, for added engine protection. Optional add-on’s include a fuel pressure sensor and an oil pressure transducer.¬†With the value of S14 engines increasing, providing a greater level of protection for your engine beyond the factory low oil pressure warning light is paramount. For the track enthusiast, the Emtron ECU has a CAN output to connect to your existing digital display, or we can provide you with an Emtron dash package to go along with the kit.¬†


Our engine wiring harness is available in 2 options. A Techflex casing for street application, and also a full Raychem option for serious track applications.
The system is designed to work with modified stock harmonic balancer, which we provide with the kit. This will retain the full function of your power steering and air conditioning.
Alternatively, you may opt to spec the kit with a serpentine belt pulley setup, which includes the necessary serpentine pulleys for the alternator and water pump, and eliminates power steering and air conditioning.

Included in our kit:

  • Emtron SL-4 ECU
  • VSR S14 Wiring harness
  • Bosch Ignition coils
  • BMW OE Spark plugs
  • CNC machined Crank & Camshaft sensor mounting plates
  • ECU mount adapter to utilize stock ECU mount points
  • Modified OE Harmonic balancer
  • TPS switch and adapter
  • All necessary sensors, including new water temp, oil temp, and stock oil pressure warning sensor