VSR is a specialty automotive service facility

VSR1 is the trusted source for BMW service in Bedford. Our auto mechanics focus on the auto repair and service of both contemporary and vintage BMW vehicles, and because of this specialty, our expertise and experience for these high-performance vehicles goes unrivaled in the Bedford and even beyond.

Whether you are driving a vintage BMW Z1 or a contemporary BMW 3 Series, our technicians will perform precise and accurate BMW service. Your vehicle is engineered for high-performance and driveability. At VSR1 in Bedford, we make sure to bring out the best in your beloved BMW with thorough and precise BMW service.

Many of our clients are devoted to the care of their BMWs, as these vehicles were something they always dreamed of owning. At VSR1, we are honored to share a part in bringing those dreams to life through our BMW service. Our factory-trained technicians will keep your BMW, regardless of the year, make, or model, performing in pristine condition for as long as you would like. We can keep the dream alive, so to speak, ensuring you can continue to enjoy your BMW for many more months and miles.

At VSR1, we take the dreams you hold close to your heart and transform them into a high-performance vehicle. Not only do we restore cars, but we also provide precise and efficient auto repair to European car owners throughout Bedford. Call us at (603) 228-2888 today to schedule an appointment for BMW service. VSR1 is located at 70, Tirrell Hill Rd, Bedford, NH 03110, and we are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 – 5:00 and Saturday by appointment.