BMW Software & Coding

Your first choice for vehicle software updating and coding should be VSR1. As the go-to auto repair facility for Bedford drivers, you can expect our factory-trained auto mechanics to provide efficient and effective vehicle software updating and coding. We don’t just service your car; instead, we maximize and enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Today, modern vehicles are sophisticated computer networks with four wheels attached; brimming with advanced technology. Similar to how our phones and computers need to be updated every now and then, the technology and software in your vehicle need to be updated as well. This procedure is called vehicle software updating and coding, and after this procedure, you may find a boost in performance.

At VSR1 in Bedford, we recognize that your day can be busy and that sometimes an appointment for vehicle software updating and coding can throw your entire day into chaos. However, we have solutions designed to soothe your worries, including loaner vehicles, local rides in Bedford, and a comfortable waiting room, complete with WiFi. Even though your car is in the shop, your day can go on.

At VSR1, we take the dreams you hold close to your heart and transform them into a high-performance vehicle. Not only do we restore cars, but we also provide precise and efficient auto repair to European car owners throughout Bedford. Call us at (603) 228-2888 today to schedule an appointment for vehicle software updating and flashing. VSR1 is located at 70, Tirrell Hill Rd, Bedford, NH 03110, and we are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 – 5:00 and Saturday by appointment.