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The air dam was flawlessly repaired, bumper repaired and the center section re-chromed, the nose ding took some doing and is like new. All the damage was repaired along with some under trim and some minor rust that was discovered on the leading edge of the right fender.
VSR is the best shop I’ve dealt with, they secured more funds from my insurance company to help cover the repairs.

Andrew W. – Brunswick, ME

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate your help and assistance in finding the perfect E30 for me. The advice you provided in looking for the right vehicle was right on!! In addition, you were very instrumental in speaking with the mechanics in VA to evaluate the vehicle and decide if it was, in fact, the right one. Your son, Chris, was amazing in his customer service from the point of arranging transportation for me while I was away to texting me pictures of the car safe and sound in your garage (he knew I was worried about the transport). Then I found out that he had already ordered the parts needed for the car even before it arrived so it could be ready for me quickly. This is excellent customer service and it goes a long way.

Jeff K. – Bow, NH

An issue developed once I cleaned up the car and took it out for a little ride today.
As I was bringing it up to speed and temperature I was getting a lot of looks from others on the road. I could not figure out what they were staring at, and some of them were pointing. I slowed down a little, checked the gauges and mirrors, nothing obvious.

Then I discovered the issue. It was the s**t eating grin on my face! This thing runs great! Smooth, constant power whenever I want it. Takes off on the highway in the blink of an eye and can run with anything out there. Valves, mounts and exhaust make it like it is brand new.
So the problem becomes figuring out a way to not use it as a daily driver.
Unbelievable. Best car I own…

Martin M. – Greenwich, CT

I just wanted to thank you for the perfect exhaust system you had fabbed up for me. It was the euro header flanges, your cats leading into the straight pipes you made that went into the euro M5 rear muffler. It fit beyond perfectly, and the sound is just incredible. It’s not that loud, just a nice little grumble that lets you know something is under the hood. Thanks again!

Karl S.

Tom and I want to express our thanks again for the fantastic build you did of our class-winning Targa Newfoundland E30 M3. There are many things that went right on this project, but these stand out for us:
1. We brought you a low-mileage M3 as a donor car, and you refused to use it! You said the donor was worth too much, and we’d be better off selling it and using it to pay for the race prep of a less cosmetically pristine car. A lot of shops would have just gone along for the ride (two in our case, before we found you).
2. You were great at suggesting practical details that would improve our chances in a rally we’d never done. And, you were more than fair about pricing some of the modifications you felt we really needed, but which weren’t in our original budget.
3. You understood that we wanted to build a kind of vintage race car, and that cosmetics and livery were important to us. Not that it was our goal, but #27 was a star in Newfoundland because the paint and graphics look fabulous.
4. The attention to detail on the modifications are impressive. Our school instructors, Targa tech and the rocket engineers (yes, really) on our crew were all impressed with the quality of the layout and installation. That doesn’t always happen, I can assure you.
5. The car ran beautifully. Sure, we had a box of spares that you prepared, but over 2200 km, I don’t think we used anything but oil from that box! We did make some creative use of hose clamps (twice), but to pound around Newfoundland for 7 days with only two bracket failures is the ultimate testimony to a great build.
Thanks to the whole team at VSR. We can’t wait for the next round of improvements.

Tom M. – Austin, TX